The Thrash Group offers strategic value to our stakeholders and to the communities in which we operate.  We gain a quantifiable advantage by assembling a focused group of talented developers, designers, contractors, underwriters, and managers that have a common interest in the outcome of every project.  Constant education and clear organization are at the center of our efforts.  Each person and company working independently within our offices brings a distinct and appreciated viewpoint, and each team member is empowered to make decisions within their field of expertise.  We communicate constantly, discuss openly and make decisions quickly. These beliefs, along with a firm commitment to hard work and sound investment strategies, produce successful real estate developments across the United States.  





The Thrash Group members develop hotels, restaurants, condominiums, retail /office, apartment communities and townhomes. This is accomplished through our strong relationships in lending markets and a healthy equity basis. We are well versed in working through complicated financing structures involving tax credits, grants and partnership positions. Our developments are broad in scope, traversing

multiple property types and

market segments. 


The Thrash Group acts strictly in a development capacity as all construction services are completed through Thrash Development—a general construction company with licenses and completed projects in several states across the country.  Thrash Development has multiple team members and business relationships exclusive to construction management and operations.  It performs the general construction, or construction management services, on every major project undertaken by The Thrash Group.  This allows for unparalleled fluidity in the design, budgeting and scheduling of construction.  Our commitment to achieving quality while holding to a strict budget and schedule is a cornerstone of The Thrash

Group’s success.


Partnerships are an integral part of The Thrash Group’s success. With a commitment to delivering superior investment strategy, design, general contracting and management services, The Thrash Group team redefines the concept of being an active partner in every facet of development. Our partners rely on this consistent work ethic in delivering commercial real estate assets among various market segments.  The highest honor we can achieve is creating long-standing relationships with people that invest in multiple projects over several years.   




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